Canadian Made – Why it Matters

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Canadian Made - Why it Matters

With so many options on the internet, how do you decide which vendors to trust? Is the lowest price the law, or do you value service, product quality & consistency? Let’s take a DEEP DIVE:

How do the big names in printed banners offer such low online prices?

Most are large offshore corporations, marketing to local economies across the globe by tailoring their websites with local domain extensions & currency adjustments. They benefit from cheap labour rates, using design & layout workers from India and production facilities across Asia. Even shipping costs are lower from Shenzhen China to Calgary, than they are from Winnipeg to Calgary. While this is an excellent formula for keeping costs down and delivering low prices, there are pitfalls for the customer.

Custom printing is as much a service as it is a product.

If you need a simple birthday banner, the giant discount brands might serve you well, but for more complex needs there are many considerations:


At CanadaBannerKing we are always available to answer your questions or make suggestions & offer advice from our decades of industry experience. We do not have a cookie-cutter system for customer service – We are here to help!

Artwork Proofing

Whether your needs are simple or complex, our graphic designers are all in-house, here in Winnipeg. No language barriers, time zone differences or poor communication, as is often the case with our international rivals. While our design fees are more than $5, we hope you will find our rates quite reasonable.

Quality & Print Repeatability

At CanadaBannerKing we have complete control over our quality and print repeatability since all our work is done at one plant. There are many inconsistencies and variable quality standards with the discount banner providers. This is because the banners are produced in different locations, by different businesses, and with different equipment, inks & materials. So you can’t expect your order to look the same when you re-order it a year later.

Brand Consistency

We have many corporate accounts that require specific brand standards for colour & design. We can accommodate requests for Pantone colours or match to physical samples. We know how important maintaining these standards is to your business.

Order History

At CanadaBannerKing we keep your order history, including artwork files & print production records for at least 7 years – Making it easy to re-order with consistency.

Kitting & Fulfillment

We can co-ordinate complex logistics for shipping direct to branch for multiple retail outlets. Our kitting capabilities include making custom boxes.

Rush Production / Shipping

We  can often accommodate rush production and overnight shipping when needed.

Finally, keeping jobs in Canada & local economies thriving is good to support, but I’m not here to lecture on politics & economics. SO…

…Will you save a few bucks using those offshore discount websites?
Or will you choose

That’s for you to decide!

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